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The experience of a life time, all the family loved it. Our youngest of 10 years wanted to go to Disney Land, but he wants to come back to Slovenia every year now :) We all appreciated the adventure guides personal caring touch. Their energy is unmatchable! From start to finish the staff were on hand to make our family feel comfortable, safe and happy (& very well fed). The hotel was deserving of its 3 stars, and we appreciated the inter connecting rooms, to keep an eye on our smallest. Even our teenagers we sound asleep by 11pm! We made a family decision to take no computer games, TVs and even I-pods - we wanted to really interact together and bond. I feel after a week in Tolmin, we do feel more of a family. There is a real sense of sharing of experiences and communication, and we have brought these positive experiences back to England with us. There really is no time for boredom on this kind of adventure holiday in Slovenia. Active families will find a lot of rewarding features in and around the Tolmin region. The itinerary we experience for 7 nights was the Slovenia multi active holiday program. Apart from the Ryan Air flights, all was a perfect trip. The Slovenia adventure sports guides met us at the airport, and basically were with us the whole duration of our stay. They communicated very well, coordinating all the guests, which were a fixture of families and adult groups. We certainly appreciated the 'age matching' they achieved by putting similar families together. Friends were made very quickly, bonding over the memories of taking on white water rapids and shooting down thrusting canyons! We haven't laughed so much as a family, ever! Disney Land and the likes of, will be left on a dusty shelf for a long time. We can truly say, we are now adventure addicts! Thank you so much, we think your wonderful!

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