canyoning in Slovenia

Canyoning in Slovenia

Try canyoning in Slovenia as part of your active holiday, and you are not likely to forget the memories in a hurry. With help from a knowledgeable guide & suitable equipment, you will be leaping into pools, sliding over small waterfalls and swimming down crystal-clear streams in no time at all! These amazing gems are waiting to be discovered in narrow canyons surrounded by natural beauty. The most suitable canyons are Sušec, Fratarca and Mlinarica near the Soča Valley and Mostnica, Grmečica and Jerečica near Lake Bohinj. A guide is mandatory in Slovenia, as this is the only & best method to guarantee a safe and enjoyable ride down the canyons. We will be your professional guides to canyoning success!

What is canyoning? Is it a new sport?

Canyoning is unique in the water sport world because it does not take place in the river. It occurs in the river subsidiaries, such as the ones around the Soča area where streams have been drilled for centuries to build perfect canyons. This wonderful place is reminiscent of water slide parks that vary in height and length. This location however consists of slides and pools in canyons built by the forces of nature! Seeing is believing, doing will change the way you look at nature!

Canyoning, coasteering and gorge walking is not new! But it is new to many of our guests that come for multi active holidays in Slovenia. If you would like to try canyoning as part of family activity holiday then read our itineraries online. The canyons we operate in are perfect for children aged over 9 years, and are loved by all. Canyoning is a real favourite amongst visiting guests and you will also find it including with our 7 nights adventure program for adults and our active teenager holidays.

Through the years, by means of erosion the river has created itself narrow and deep canyons that are ideal for exploring. When canyoning in Slovenia on your adventure holiday you will see a different view of the 30m or more deep canyons and feel the thrill of a river in full swing. Further down the valley there are opportunities to jump into pools, swim and practice descending with a rope.

Canyoning utilizes different aspects of other sports. As it is an outdoor activity and is physically more demanding, it is necessary for everyone to wear the thick wetsuit, wetsuit jacket, socks, footwear, harness, karabiner, and helmet provided. Everybody needs to make sure they have their own swimming attire, a towel, an extra T-shirt and something warm to wear once you get out of the cold water.

Canyoning in the Bohinj Valley

The Bohinj valley has a lot of hidden canyons and we can organize visits to three of the most spectacular canyons of all: canyon Mostnica, canyon Grmečica and canyon Jerečica. We will provide all other necessary equipment. There are a number of different canyoning spots that you can visit, mentioned below are three of the more popular destinations.


Canyoning in MOSTNICA

This stunning canyon is located in the Triglav National Park and is suitable for all. The canyon has two 3 m high jumps and doesn’t require a rope, so this canyon is perfect for all beginners and first timers. Always seek professional guidance and go with a licensed company. With any Slovenia adventure holiday, especially canyoning - insurance is essential.

Canyons of GRMEČICA

This is definitely the most challenging and daring of the canyons available – people involved can decide if they prefer the long or short version. We will require a rope to descend the waterfalls and the bravest can jump from a 8m high waterfall into a natural pool below. This canyon is recommended for more experienced participants.



You will come across a fair amount of natural toboggans here and certain areas we will need a rope to descend the waterfalls. You can decide if you’d prefer the longer or shorter descends. This canyon we can recommend as a medium level Canyon ideal for people who have had some experience with canyoning before.

Who joins our active holidays?

Our activity programs have been designed for both adults and family groups. We have created the perfect balance between thrilling day experiences and chilled relaxation. In between, we play games, eat great food and soak up the sun!

An active holiday in Slovenia is a heaven for a true outdoor adventurer, you would not miss out on the wonders hidden beneath the waterfalls and pools that nature took thousands of years to craft. Canyoning in Slovenia is without doubt one of the most thrilling and enjoyable ways to see the country and get a hand’s on experience of its unharmed nature.

canyoning in Slovenia

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