Kayaking in Slovenia

Kayaking Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect destination to hire a kayak & race down wild rivers or paddle on quieter rivers, lakes and the sea. The rapids of the Soča, the Sava, the Savinja, the Krka and the Kolpa rivers, offer great conditions for an exciting kayaking adventure. Our professional centre hires kayaks, other essential equipment & organise even organises transport of kayaks to the locations. Our adventure holiday team will always provide an experienced guide to assurance your safety & make sure a good time is had by one and all. Alongside hydro speeding, rafting and canyoning - kayaking is extremely popular and will always feature in our 7 night activity holiday in Slovenia.

A guide is necessary even on Slovenia's quieter rivers, as their first knowledge of the rivers and surrounding area will make your trip downstream a more pleasurable experience. The day usually begins with a briefing on kayak safety followed by a tutorial on how to navigate your kayak on the river. Appealing kayak trips are possible on practically all rivers  - Kayak holidays in Slovenia make for many a fun day of kayaking down river
. Kayaking can be part of your Slovenia multi active family holidays & we also present kayaking holidays in Croatia. 

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Where is the best place for kayaking in Slovenia?

Undoubtedly, any local will say the 'SOCA' valley. With the voluble white waters and increasing amounts of waves coming at you, there will be plenty of opportunities to test your Kayaking skills. The fast-moving water and abundant rapids have you perfecting that Eskimo roll in no time! The river is peaceful in some parts yet you will not find yourself bored, the river’s are versatile enough for novice’s and regular kayakers to enjoy on their multi active adventure break.

Kayaking on the Soca is a great way of spending your active holiday with us, an exciting trip downstream is one you won’t want to miss out on! the exhilarating kayaking in Slovenia isn’t restricted to the Soca though.
Also, we recommend the Savinja River in northeast Slovenia is one of the best rivers of this region for Kayaker’s to tackle. It flows through the Upper and Lower Savinja valley & onto famous Slovenian cities such as Lasko and Celje. In the Savinja Alps, the river runs into the Sava River near the Zidani Most.

You will be taught the fundamentals of managing rapids in your kayak on the scenic river Savinja in Upper Savinja Valley. The sheer volume of white water & fast torrents make the Savinja River a favourite with experienced Kayakers. It’s extensive length & rampant waves have made it one of the most popular rafting destinations on the European continent, as the whitewaters have caught the eye of many a river sports fan! The river also has several natural waterfall treats, which you will see flowing gracefully on the side of the river.


Kayak holidays in Slovenia are a kayaker’s idea of water heaven! The rapids & river in general maybe mellow in some stretches don’t let that fool you as the legendary rapids torrents & wild waves will get the adrenaline pumping at the drop of a hat! The gorgeous Soca River has attracted many a keen kayaker from various corners of the globe to enjoy its thrills and spills. Kayaking under professional guidance can be enjoyable for many ages and types of travellers. Our solo adventure holidays focus on kayaks, as do our teenager adventure holidays.

Our final thoughts on Slovenia Kayaking

The rampant rapids & the perfecting the art of navigating your way downstream at the same time as taking in the sweet surroundings of the valley is a joy to experience. Active holidays in Slovenia have a number of world class kayaking options & on top of that there are beautiful panoramic vista’s to admire, the perfect combination for a kayak holiday!


kayaking in slovenia

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