Teenage activity holiday

Teenager Adventure Holidays

The joys of parent hood. Your own kids want to disown you! They are now of the age, where they are too cool to be having vacations with mum & dad. Fear not, obviously you've had the bright idea of an adventure holiday, and you've found our company! Hurray!!!

Well the good news is, we specialise in family multi active holiday itineraries, and create specific dates for teenage adventure holidays. We bring like minded boys and girls of the ages 13 - 19 together for the ultimate active experience.

You'll have to trust us, when we say, your kids will love you! They will ask, "When is our next adventure holiday mum?!? Can i bring a friend? Can we invite Sarah's family?" Our holidays are addictive, fun and relaxing. Parents can switch off, we do the entertaining and friends are made quickly. The only screaming, will be of shear delight, as we try our hands at Kayaking, canyoning, mountain biking and many more multi sports.

If you’ve got restless over active teenagers, who enjoy spending time with kids of similar ages, then take them on a teenage activity family holiday. Your weeks program will be organised and led by an experienced tour guide, and you will enjoy your stay with typically 2 or 3 other families (not too many, as we follow responsible guide lines).

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Sustain the family holiday for longer!

We know parents will never be the perfect travelling for young adults and teenagers, but if you want to keep your family holiday going there are certain ideas that will still pull them in. Well, one main idea really! Multi adventure sports. Keep them learning! Keep them active! Keep them socialising! Above all, its fun and relaxing. Slovenia adventure holidays offer the right balance of day to day activities and great food & evening entertainment. The hotel offers a pool, games rooms, pool table, bar, football fields, sauna and gym. All the food is locally sourced, and prepared to your satisfaction. The hotel is privately owned and is rated 3 stars!

The internet is also widely available, so facebook, hotmail, twitter and MySpace can be regularly checked! So, all bases are covered here. Mum's and Dad's can rejoice the feeling free from stress of moaning teenagers. The bonding of families is a warming sight for us, and we love to see everyone co-operating as they laugh their way down the Soca River. For older kids, we do create further evening entertainment for teenage activity holiday guests, in the form of outdoor games, under the night stars. Parents can sit and relax in the hotel bar trying the local wine and beer!

Dates & Prices

Programs from: £599.00, dependant on departure month, and accommodation (camping, apartments or our recommended hotels for adventure holidays and active families coming to stay in Slovenia. Prices will also vary for solo adventure holidays - single supplements, breakfast and half board basis! Talk to our English speaking staff and ask their advice. Try our family multi activity 7 night program or a short adventure break version if you have limited time.

Teenage activity holiday

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