white water rafting in Slovenia

White water rafting in Slovenia

Slovenia's rivers are tailor made for safe & exciting rafting adventure holidays. The river most popular for rafting is the Soča, a clear, emerald-green river flowing through a stunning valley. In 2008 the Soča Valley became the first destination in Slovenia to be selected by the European Commission as European destination of excellence.

Guided white water rafting trips are also possible on other rivers such as the Sava, on the Savinja in Štajerska, on the Kolpa in Bela Krajina and on the Krka in Dolenjska. Each river has rafting centres within close vicinity that will supply all the necessary equipment & organize transport back to the starting point
. Of all the rivers to try rafting holidays, the Soca is the best for a wide range of guests, due to its size it offers many 'Grades' of rapids. From beginner easy sections for active family holidays and tough Grade 4/5 sections for the outdoor experts.

The Soca River is a 140 km long river that starts off from the Trenta valley of the Julian Alps and then running over to North-Eastern Italy.
The river has a historical importance as well, as the nearby Soca Valley was the scene of a high percentage of military activities that took place during the time of World War I. Today, the river is a destination for many a fun, adrenaline fuelled day of rafting.
With gushing white waters and rising waves, a rafter will have sufficient opportunities to test his rafting skills on this river.

Is white water rafting suitable for a family active holiday?

Absolutely yes! But only rapids from 1-3. But even some grade 2/3 rapids can be very tricky without professional help. Our beloved Soca River is the prefect blend for adventure family holidays in Slovenia. The torrents and the size of the waves will have you ducking and waiving like never before! As the river is calm in most of the bends & more action packed in other parts, it is acknowledged as an ideal river for both beginners and well-drilled rafters alike. After a day on the aqua fresh river, you'll want to come back again and again! We hope that you do!


Where are the best places to try white water rafting?


White water rafting holidays on the Soca is a hard to resist activity, an exciting trip downstream is one you won’t want to miss out on! However, the Soca doesn’t have the monopoly on all the awesome white water rafting in Slovenia though. The Savinja River in northeast Slovenia is one of the most important rivers of this region. Flowing through the Upper and Lower Savinja valley, the river runs through renowned Slovenian cities such as Lasko (famous 'beer') and Celje. In the Savinja Alps, the river runs into the Sava River near the Zidani Most. The Savinja River has hit the news in recent years as a number of floods have occurred by the overflowing of water into the valley. This fact has attracted many seasoned white water rafters to the Savinja River. With a length of around 96 km, it is recognized as one of the most popular rafting destinations in the European continent, as the white waters have enough volume to keep the excitement levels sky high! Further more, the river contains several beautiful waterfalls, which flow fluidly by the side of the river. For the fast and furious rides, then rafting is only for adults. We offer 2 popular active holidays in Slovenia, with water rafting as one of the main features. We recommend our adult Slovenia active holiday week & the short break adventure break, which test your skills to the very maximum.


Slovenia whitewater rafting?

The Adrenaline rush of the rapids & the tranquillity of floating downstream whilst soaking up the amazing views of the valley around you is the perfect combination. The perfectly shaped valley & riverbed allows you to test your rafting skills as you slice through the waves and bounce through the rising waters. Slovenia has plenty of 1st class white water rafting options & beautiful surroundings to keep all levels of rafters satisfied and salivating for more! If rafting in Slovenia is not enough, then try our combination Slovenia & Croatia activity holiday, definitely a must do for the keen traveller.

white water rafting in Slovenia

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